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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUiMaz4BNKw&NR=1 2NE1
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Luka and Miku


dueling shamisens

Kaub Koon (dance mix)


Sun Ho

Morning Musume

Pink Panda- Party

Double U

Puffy Ami Yumi

Ruan player


guzheng erxian

? 1986

Oppa Wax
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Su Yung

Ho Ngoc Ha

Velvet Eden




Alice of Human Sacrifice

Girl Generation



Koi No Hana





movie scene

What's your deepest, darkest fear? Have you tried to overcome it?
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<a href="http://<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz7TD9FpRTw&feature=related"> Yam</a>
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Some videos I liked,.

Mini moni


Chinese pop

Yellow Generation

Aya Hirano

punk thing




Sun Ho

Hwang Bo


Goth bellydancers



Girl Generation

Shonen Knife

Cibo Matto

Hyori Lee

Morning Musume
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Ike is awesome I love his work. I really really think I like him alot. I may have fallen for him. I am not a slut . I hated it when people called me that.

I also worry about walter. I like him and I know what he must do. This is a very complex situation. Mio please keep guarding him. The crimson tomes and stuff. It all connects.

Vincent we need you. We need a preist here more then ever. This place lures and kills. So far we have been lucky. Death I am sure this place is not unknown to you. Cassie we need to speak.
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I was woken up by a ghost pounding on the wall.
I clicked his picture and decided to nail him many times.
He was talking about death being unfair. He supposedly offered up his brother and girlfriend. That is gross in my opinion. Yeah death was painful but one gets over it.
All these ghosts had been telling him "didi moi" H was yelling back " Hurry on what. What an idiot it means Go away now. They had been quite happy to show me his tether spot. I took a photo of that as well.

Guess he watched platoon to many times. Or was it full metal Jacket. Ah who cares. Not the war movie type anyway.
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Cynthia was not sure how she ended up in a jungle. Or a village with overgrowth. Two soldiers had no idea what to do with the events.

"An Helicopter crashed , they say there was RCO ladies onboard." The radio man stated.

"keep up with the mission , they are probably dead by now. There is still no sign of the distress call. "

"There was a distress call from this Village."

"No shit.... holy crap I think opne of them got lucky."

"Miss you okay , are you hurt?"

She was in the village of chet a little while later. Moving in with the new unit of rescuers. Oddly it was sent before Brax lead the new group in.

To there surprise they where jumped by bullet shot men. They seemed to rise from the ground like it was a nightmare.

Cynthia ran terrified not sure how far she went. Which was not far , just seemed that way.
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"He Seeks out her soul by his own black ambition. Frightening her out of her wits.Whispering love songs into her ear, What Cruel Linnet wants he gets.
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I have been in nightmare silent hill to long. Henry and me had to cross through a hall that had chased us with orange walls. This was after a silly torch puzzle. I lost my shirt and backpack. This has been nothing but pain. The weird thing was we turned around to find the door we went through was a crematorium door. This place makes no sence. The monsters are worse here to and the worse part nothing to eat but cooked dog. I love this town really. Walter creeps me out and I don't know why? Is there something I'm supposed to remember?
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